Drug Screening in Bloomington, Edina, Eden Prairie, Minneapolis MN

A little information for both prospective employees and employers alike. Unfortunately about 50% of the people think this is a blood test, it is a urine test. Drug testing usually only take about 10 minutes, however, a majority of those coming through our doors are not prepared with either the correct and current paperwork and/or do not understand that it is a urine test and they have to be hydrated enough to give a urine sample. When coming in for a drug test, make sure they have their paperwork (usually called a passport) either on their phone or with them.

Drug Testing can be one or more of the following: pre-employment drug tests, random drug tests, post-accident drug tests, return-to-duty drug tests, follow-up drug tests or DOT drug tests.

The chiropractic profession has always been a long-standing drug-free tradition. AdvaCare clinics is a natural choice to come to for employee drug testing.

The on-the-job use of illegal drugs is not a new problem. Substance abuse is found in all economic groups and among workers and professionals in rural, urban and metropolitan areas. The use of drugs while at work increases the risk of injury for both the users and their co-workers. Reduced productivity is another result. U.S. companies lose billions of dollars a year because of substance abuse.

We also offer breath alcohol testing, hair testing and eye exams, TB testing. Many other forms of physical performance and lift task workplace evaluations.

Employers, TPA's, HR Directors, looking for industrial health solutions for your company(s)? Please contact us at: scheduling@advacaremn.com to schedule a free 15-minute phone consult to see how we can help you. Our usual consulting rates are $200.00 per hour. We will also bid projects.

We provide drug testing as a health service to employees and employers. We also offer physical examinations, direct treatment and second-opinion examinations. Contact us at 952-835-6683 to schedule an appointment or fill in our online form.